Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dog Daze Doubles. (1/2, Marathon & 50K)
Saturday August 3rd,  Rohr Park, Chula Vista.
Why Dog Daze?  It gets hot in August.  Sirius the Dog Star rises with the Sun in the North East Sky.  Most Dogs will hide in the shade, under the porch or a shady tree… but not you, you are Sun Dogs and bask in its rays for daze on end.  Why Doubles?  Two races… Half-Dazed and Full-on / Ultra-Dazed.

This run is targeted to runners competing in the America’s Finest City Half Marathon 2 weeks afterwards.   It can also be a tune-up  for the Bulldog 50K on 8/24…or for Disneyland Half one month later, heck, you can run it just because there’s no other long runs in the South Bay this time of year. 

This is your chance to get in that last long run before the BIG race.  The course is remarkably flat, 5K loop, on forgiving dirt trails around a park and golf course.   There is one OPTIONAL hill you can run per lap, it’s about 30 feet high,  it's optional  for all but lunatics and it only adds to the EXTRA MILE :D   Gaiters or trail shoes recommended but not required.

This course is easy on your feet, has some shaded areas, separated from street traffic, and parking is free at the start/ finish.  There are several brick and mortar restrooms, drinking fountains, Starbucks, Mc Donalds, Jack in the Box, AM/ PM and free WiFi at the start/ finish line.  There is also an Ice Cream Parlor, Rite Aid, Vons, as well as Oyster bar, Taco Shop, and some other eating and drinking establishments for post-race refreshments right across the street.

Added benefits:  Complete a half marathon at Dog Daze Doubles, then at AFC Half Marathon and you WILL QUALIFY to become a Half Fanatic with 2 in 16 days.   Join the rest of us insane distance runners who call ourselves Maniacs and Fanatics!

Time limits: 5 hours for the Half (Half Fanatic limits) and 7 hours for the full.  50 K option for Ultra Lunatics, but still 7 hour maximum.

Aid station every 5 K will serve water,  Gatorade,  sweet and salty foods and old-school ultra faire.   Drinking fountains every mile or so, you shouldn't have to carry more than 6-8 oz. with you even on a Hot day.  We will have Ice, but no hot drinks… Starbucks is across the street if you need hot coffee on a hot day.

Finishers medal to all who complete at least 10 miles ( 3 laps plus short out and back) of half marathon course and 20 miles ( 6 laps plus out and back) of marathon course.  No cash awards, free cars or other prizes, but Ultrasignup will post you as the record holder for this course, should you win.  They also have age group rankings and other neat stuff... which is why I use them instead of Active.

This is the same course we used for the Rohring Round the Clock 6 hour, 12 hour and 100 mile races in February and July, and the Rohring Rock Races in May. Its a very fast course, ( 100 mile winner took just over 17 hours, 12 Hour Winner ran 125K, 50K Winner took 3:38 ) but you can take your time and finish with a steady pace.

Official results posted on and sent to Athlinks.

This is a low-key race, so we don't have live bands, cheer squads, fire engines spraying cold water, obstacle courses, water slides or other big league hoopla.   No beer garden or jello shots either, because we believe that running and either alcohol or drugs don't mix.  Besides, you have to drive somewhere after the race, so why take a risk?  

T-shirts?  Probably not, since our closets are already overflowing with cheesy, sponsor-logo-splattered, cheaper-by-the-thousand event T-shirts.  

Pictures?  Sure, we will take as many as we can, post them on facebook for your free downloading pleasure within a week of the run.  And you can post yours on the site too, for all your friends to see and enjoy, or to show them how crazy you really are.  Most people wont run 2 (half) marathons in a lifetime and you are crazy enough to run 2 in less than a month...

You can wear a costume, but please leave your dogs, parrots, iguanas, snakes, pot-bellied pigs,  rollerblades, strollers and skateboards at home.   We share the trails with horses, hikers, walkers, other runners and an occasional duck, goose or cyclist.  However, most of the trail is over 15 ft. Wide, so there should be ample space to run in small groups (2 across) if you wish.  Just be courteous, pay attention and have fun.  You may run, run/walk/run or any combination thereof.  We will TRY to provide 5K splits accurate to 1 minute or less.

Limit of 75 runners for Half and Full combined.  
No limit for Ultra Lunatics because we are probably running continuously all weekend anyways and most of us travel far and wide to run, start at midnight Friday and Run till 7AM Sunday morning, when we unfortunately have to get ready for work...

This event is sponsored by the So. Cal Ultra Lunatics.
An RRCA Member Club.  We also give a shout out to Bonita Roadrunners who call Rohr Park their home.
Beep! Beep!  And to our Friends at Running Troops and Race Guards.

Prices:  Early Registration through July 1st:
Marathon and 50K .... $42 ( thats just 1$ per Kilometer or less!)
Half Marathon $26.20 ( that's just $2 per mile!)

After July 1st, it's $52 / $32. 

Starting Times:
Marathon and 50K: 5AM, but you may late start 1 hour if you notify us 48 hours ahead of time and we say OK.
Half Marathon: 6AM.  but you may late start 1 hour if you notify us 48 hours ahead of time and we say OK.

We will generally say OK IF AND ONLY IF it's not your first official event at this distance and you completed your last one in 4 hours or less for half marathon and 6 hours or less for the marathon.  It can get hot in May, we want you finished before high noon if at all possible.  We may be crazy but we are not trying to get heat stroke.

Register early, run for a crazy low price, qualify for Maniacs or Fanatics and join the Asylum!

See you there.
Maniac 5067
Ultra Clydesdale &
Ambassador of Rock ( Retired )